Wednesday, August 12, 2009

E-portfolio Mahara

Well Mahara is something completely new to me. For most of these e-learning tools I can quickly get my head around them and understand how they work. For some reason the Mahara e-portfolio is requiring me to watch the videos to help understand it and work out how it works. I need to spend alot of time on mahara playing around with all the links to fully understand it's potential as a teaching tool.

Mahara means to think and you can use it to collect, reflect, share and/or develop your folio. Its handy for resume building, connecting users and creating online user communities. Obviously it has many Educational applications for teachers.

At the moment I am using Mahara as a back up for important files and folders (you can save these in the file repository). This is very handy so I can access my files and folders from anywhere, anytime. This means as I am doing an assignment at home I can upload it to mahara then download when I get to uni to work on it some more.

I look forward to exploring mahara more but for now I need to move on and give my brain a rest.

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