Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Google Earth

Google Earth is an awesome tool. As soon as went on the site I found my house and marked it as home. I then plotted the bike track I am plan to ride on soon to find out how far it was. Just a 10km round trip, so it should not take too long leaving plenty of time to continue this e-learning journey.

Google Earth- how can it be used in the class room? Well if the students are studying geography this is a great tool for them. Selkin, P (2009) believes "google earth can be used in education and describes these areas Topographic map interpretation, measurment and field trips". Google Earth would be great in neighbourhood studies, environmental studies etc.

The Science Education Resource Center at Carlton College (2009) belives google earth "presents a great deal of information in a geographic context, is an excellent venue for inquiry-based activities, is appropriate for educational use in a wide range of subject areas, is an effective tool integrating the study of multiple disciplines, is a great research tool and has a large active user community with a public discussion forum".

Science Education Resource Center (2009). Why Teach With Google Earth?: Carleton College.

Selkin, P (2009). Google Earth and Geoscience Education: Using Google Earth in Geoscience Education. University of Washington, Tacoma.

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  1. Hi Troy!

    I also come from the Sunshine Coast =].

    I am studying the same course as you so am following your blog.

    Google Earth is a great tool, it's very handy in finding out specific locations and distances of things!

    I often use it to measure how far I have travelled or how far places are in relation to my starting point.

    It would be a very handy tool for geography students to work with, as ICT's are growing rapidly, Google Earth would be beneficial to the modern day class room!