Friday, August 21, 2009

Voice Thread

Now Voice thread is an interesting tool, similar but different to the rest. In a voice thread you can either upload photos or videos then invite anyone to comment on it. They can comment on it using voice or just text. So it is similar in you can upload pics and stuff for others to veiw and comment but with addition of voice comments and the ease in which you can do so creates an added engagment (Educause, 2009).

Through reading Educause- 7 things you should know about voicethread website, I was amazed at the amount of uses for voice thread in the classroom. It was also interesting to see the number of educators that the Educause website descibes as already using it. Educause. (2009) says K–12 educators, have used voicethread in projects such as oral histories and presentations about books the students read. The common use may be "spurred in part by the free instructor accounts that VoiceThread offers to K–12 teachers, but the application is popular in higher education as well". "Many educators, present students with an image or video, asking a question related to it, and having them respond in VoiceThread" (Educause, 2009).

Educause. (2009) 7 things you should know about. Voicethread. Cited 18 August, 2009 from,

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