Thursday, August 13, 2009


Royalty free music, well I didn't know there was such a thing. This gives you a chance to have music in the class for movement/dance lessons or some soft music could be played in the background while students are working. The Royalty free music site not only has music on offer but also sound effects, clip art, photos and footage. The site describes different uses for these royalty free items many of them educational uses. These items can be used by either teacher or student as the uses range from the common powerpoint presentation to creating a video just to add some extra effects. The site states "Educators can download royalty free stock music, slideshow music, sound effects, and more for use in educational projects to enhance learning" (Royalty Free Music, 2008).

As I was looking and listening to some of the music I got a different mood/ feeling from each song as one was called ghost then another called techno. A possible lesson which came to mind was the students could use the miusic to help them write in specific genres. They could be asked to write a narative genre piece to the feeling they get from the different songs and as the song changes they would move onto the next scene of their story. (Just a thought)

Royalty Free Music, (2008). Computer siteing, retrieved 19 August, 09, from

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