Thursday, August 13, 2009

File Storage (mediafire)

Mediafire is a site for file and image hosting needs. Its a useful site for businesses, professionals and anyone who wants to share files with clients or friends etc or just have a backup storage location.

Well I signed up to Mediafire and worked out how to upload photos. I uploaded some photos and it said it had worked. When I went to my files to veiw the pictures and it says the file is there but when I click on it it says file cannot be found. I will have to try and play around with this one again later.

When try and try again does not work seek help, if you ask the right person help is given. Here is my URL feel free to take a look, you will need to down load it to veiw it.

With the ammount of work completed on computers these days and saved to the hard drive along with music, games, movies and pictures, inevitably it fills up. Media fire creates an option to upload files to the world wide web and save it there. It is your choice as to whether you share it with the world or keep it to yourself. This is a very handy tool as it gives another back up. When you are working on assessment, the students can save it to computer and then on the net as well. This takes out the risk of leaving saved data at home because you can open it up on any computer as long as it has access to the world wide web. Students could be working on something at home, save it to mediafire and then the next day at school keep working on it without having the risk of leaving their USB stick at home.
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