Friday, August 21, 2009


Now Podcasts is something that I had not experimented with yet although I had iTunes for a few years. I had never clicked on podcasts instead I had just used it to listen to music. I guess it is about time I experimented with podcast.

I followed the itunes store link clicked on podcasts, then education, followed by k-12. I decided after looking at the podcasts that I would subscribe to a couple. I chose Technology for teacher and Stories for kids. I chose technology for teachers because I thought it might keep me up to date with all the new technologies that might be useful to me as a teacher. This will save me from having to go searching for them. I subscribed to Stories for kids just to see if I could use these podcasts in the classroom. I believe I could use the stories for kids podcast in the classroom. Instead of the students hearing my voice, they could listen to an exciting story teller. This would add variety and engage the students.

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